Which debts are listed in the credit bureau: which ones and which ones do not

Knowing what debts are listed in the credit bureau is of the utmost importance, especially if you are close to requesting a housing loan, because approval could depend on this situation. This institution corresponds to a Credit Information Society, which most Mexicans are afraid of, because they mistakenly think that appearing here is part of a blacklist. But the reality is totally different. In the following article we will explain what the bureau is and what debts appear.


The Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau

For years and even today, it is thought that the credit bureau is an institution that only takes care of having a list with all Mexicans who owe a financial loan. However, the reality is that it is only a society that gathers the credit information of all the citizens of the country.

The bureau works by receiving information from those who deliver credits, making it a record that serves to track your financial behavior. If the bureau does a job of informing, why are Mexicans so afraid of it? For the simple reason that this information is used by banks to decide, for example, whether to grant you a mortgage loan.


Debts that appear in the credit bureau

Debts that appear in the credit bureau

The credit history that appears in the credit bureau is the main tool of the banks to know how you are with the payments. So, if you are in need of asking for a loan, keep in mind that the debts that will appear will be the following:

  • Of some credit card.
  • Departmental card
  • A loan for housing.
  • An auto loan
  • Telephone plans
  • Pay TV service.
  • Be guaranteed by someone who does not pay the loan on time.

On the other hand, you can be calm, since debts of traffic fines do not appear within the credit bureau; payroll credits; the loans you buy from a pawn shop; and loans with family or friends.

Our advice is that you can stay without debt, so that the time has come to ask for a loan, it will be granted without problems, for not appearing on the bureau. But also that you are aware of what debts are listed in the credit bureau.

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